Karen Lewis: Standing Up for Justice in Chicago

I had planned to write something else this morning, but I opened my computer to find Diane Ravitch’s profile of Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers’ Union.  Diane writes that Karen Lewis is one of her heroes.

Karen Lewis is also one of my heroes.  Karen Lewis has been a stalwart opponent of closing schools, an opponent of replacing neighborhood public schools with charter schools that find subtle (and unsubtle) ways to be selective, an opponent of raising class size, an opponent of eliminating advanced classes and co-curricular activities, and an opponent of blaming teachers for a problem in the state of Illinois and of our society: the massive underfunding of public schools in the poorest parts of our big cities and then blaming the teachers and the children and their families for the children’s struggles at school.

Here is Diane Ravitch’s profile of Karen Lewis.


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