Jonathan Kozol Reviews New Ravitch Book for NY Times Sunday Book Review

The NY Times has posted on-line Jonathan Kozol’s marvelous and original book review of Diane Ravitch’s new book, Reign of Error. The review is slated to appear in print in Sunday’s book review section of the newspaper.

Kozol concludes:  “Ravitch takes on almost all the well-known private-sector leaders and political officials—among them Arne Duncan, Joel Klein, Bill Gates, Wendy Kopp and Michelle Rhee—who have given their encouragement, or barrels of their money, to the privatizing drive.  It isn’t likely they’ll be sending her bouquets.  Those, on the other hand, who have grown increasingly alarmed at seeing public education bartered off piece by piece, and seeing schools and teachers thrown into a state of siege will be grateful for this cri de coeur-–a fearless book, a manifesto and a call to battle.”

One thought on “Jonathan Kozol Reviews New Ravitch Book for NY Times Sunday Book Review

  1. I am ready to sign up “for battle” as my hero, Jonathan Kozol calls it. Indeed, I’ve already struck a minor blow in that I have a letter to the editor of our area newspaper soon to be printed regarding NBC’s upcoming Education Nation and the fact that the dais is loaded with the so-called reformers who are really out to replace public schools with private charters, vouchers, and virtuals. I just finished reading Reign of Error and intend to write more letters to elected officials at the local, state and national level. Thank you, Jan, for your blog. I read it “religiously” every day. Onward ardently! Rick Johnson Illinois

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