College Dean Quits Board of Governor Rick Snyder’s Education Achievement Authority

On October 25, I blogged about a protest by faculty in the College of Education at Eastern Michigan University, which is a partner with Governor Rick Snyder’s Education Achievement Authority.  Today it was reported that the Dean of Eastern Michigan University’s College of Education, Jann Joseph, has resigned from the board directors of the Education Achievement Authority, effective last Saturday.

The Education Achievement Authority is the body through which the state takes over schools whose standardized tests are in the bottom five percent across the state. Under the auspices of the Education Achievement Authority, Governor Snyder has been appointing emergency managers for struggling districts,  emergency managers who have the power to abrogate union contracts and even to close struggling school districts.

Eastern Michigan is the only one of Michigan’s public universities to partner with Education Achievement Authority. Faculty in Eastern Michigan’s College of Education have continued to demand that the university sever its two-year partnership with the Education Achievement Authority, and it appears that further protests are scheduled.  Several school districts have refused to place student teachers from the university as a way to protest its ongoing partnership with Governor Snyder’s education policies.


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