De Blasio Launches Campaign for Universal Pre-School With this Video

Here is the very lovely little video  that New York City mayor-elect, Bill de Blasio is using to promote his proposal for universal pre-school in New York City and after school programs for all students in middle school.

The state legislature would have to pass his program to tax the very rich to pay for these important programs.  He will become mayor on January 1, 2014, but he has already launched a campaign for these important programs for the children in New York City.

2 thoughts on “De Blasio Launches Campaign for Universal Pre-School With this Video

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It paints a picture in my mind’s eye of what we want for every child in America. We will only accomplish such a goal when the citizens commit to being as dedicated to everyone’s child as much as they are to their own. Oh, what a country this could be if only individualism would not have to trump the common good. But we are living in a “dark time” when even individualism is more important than independence in America.

  2. I can see a man of action in Mayor Bill de Blasio since he had already started his campaign for the universal preschool even if he isn’t taking office yet. Hopefully with the help of the school administration, teachers, childcare providers and parents are to support his plan of him. And in the nearest future, parents and education providers are able to have a mobile application that will help them keep track of the activities of their kids through mobile and instant notifications from the school just like Kinder-Touch do.

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