This Blog Moves to a Four-Days-a-Week Posting Calendar

This blog is going to a four day posting schedule—Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Why?  These posts explore federal policy and its implications for states and local school districts—with a focus on equity—whether and how schools are being equipped to provide the opportunity to learn for all children.

But federal policy on education is pretty sketchy right now. Although we know that President Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are committed to expanding the privatization of education and calling that expansion “school choice,” the details don’t seem to be worked out.

At this time it seems that four posts each week will be sufficient to explore these issues.

Please look for a new post to begin this schedule tomorrow, April 4.


3 thoughts on “This Blog Moves to a Four-Days-a-Week Posting Calendar

  1. Keep up the excellent work…

    and be well.



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  2. Your blog addresses these critical topics in great depth and detail. I appreciate reading everyday what you have to say and to share. Please keep it up! Thanks for all you are doing. As an aside, I drove through three counties recently and in every one there were yard signs for school board candidates running on the platform of tax revolt, cut taxes, tax relief, and the like. When these candidates with a tax axe to grind get elected, their presence is a toxic influence on the functioning of the BOE. The adage “Do what’s best for children” becomes “lower my taxes.” When I see these signs I’m reminded of a statement by Garrison Keillor I like to paraphrase somewhat, “If lower taxes are your priority over a child’s education, then we know what sort of person you are.” In Illinois, our citizens do pay higher property taxes because the state has reneged on its obligation for funding schools, so BOEs are forced to raise the legal levy in order not to punish the children for the sins of the adults in the legislature!

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