EXTRA: Sponsor Votes to Close the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow

The Plain Dealer‘s Patrick O’Donnell reports that tonight the sponsor of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow has voted to close the giant cyber school.

O’Donnell reports: “All three members of the governing board of the sponsor, the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, said they regretted their vote but had no choice because the school does not have the money to survive.”

O’Donnell adds: “The vote came just two hours after the Ohio Department of Education rejected an offer from the school that would keep it open through the end of the school year.”


4 thoughts on “EXTRA: Sponsor Votes to Close the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow

  1. Thanks, Jan, for being such a thorough and relentless reporter and analyst of this sordid story for several years. I hope that at some point a researcher will study academic, economic, and social outcomes of the students who have passed through ECOT over the years. I suspect it would be an important cautionary tale as well as an incredibly sad one at that. Quite apart from the expense to tax payers and impact on local school districts, ECOT and the legislature have failed thousands of vulnerable teenagers and families. That is a cost yet to be counted.

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