4 thoughts on “Joanne Barkan Demonstrates How School Privatization Became Bipartisan Education Policy

  1. Thanks for reminding us of the long history of a debate which seemed to burst onto the scene for many of us only in the last two decades. It recalled for me a long forgotten assignment I had in my Econ 101 class in college (in 1969!) in which we were asked to critique Milton Friedman’s voucher proposals. Little did I imagine that we’d be beating back these bad ideas ever since.

  2. Both inner-city democrats, where the public schools are terrible, and moderate Republicans, who want to have more choices in directing their children’s education, are picking up on school choice/vouchers/ESAs. There is broad bi-partisan support for school choice, all across the political spectrum. This is a good thing, and needs to be celebrated. The sky is not falling. Government-run, publicly-operated schools will be with us for a long time. Check out what is happening in Arizona, where there will be a referendum, for school choice to be extended to virtually every family in the state. The federal congress will soon, be offering school vouchers to military families nationwide.
    The tide is turning. As more families obtain school choice, more families will want school choice. The politicians will see the light.

    • I disagree. San Mateo California has a privately-run fire department, contracted to provide fire protection. The costs are lower, than a government-run operation, and the city has a Triple-A rating from the insurance institute. see
      Our nation has a “mix” of public, private, and parochial universities, and students attend these colleges, with public money in the from of Basic Grants (also GI Bill, and ROTC scholarships).
      Our nation is moving towards a “mix” of public,private, and parochial K-12 education, where families will receive vouchers/ESAs to meet the costs.

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