2 thoughts on “Truly Public Schools Must Form Engaged Citizens and Then Engage Those Citizens in Shaping School Policy

  1. When parents are asked about the public school systems in America, they almost always have high praise for their children’s schools, but believe that the public schools in America have gone to proverbial Hell in a hand basket. Or, at least that’s what they were told. Parents intuitively, perhaps, know that school is much more than the yearly test scores printed in the local or city newspapers. Their children’s schools are great because of the teachers, the principal, the after school programs, the PTA, the friends their children have, a playground with appropriate and fun equipment, the traditions that make everyone proud to be a “Tiger” or a “Mustang” or whatever the school mascot is called. Parents know the children like to go to school because that’s where their friends are. It’s where children learn cooperation, teamwork, and compassion and caring along with academic and artistic skills development. This is why our public schools have endured the unrelenting sieges and attacks over the past twenty years, not easily, of course, as money has been stolen by state legislatures and given to educational hucksters called charter schools and vouchers. But of all days, it is appropriate to say on the day before our nation’s Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for the educators and parents and students who have succeeded despite the narcissistic and cruel cadre of those who have tried to kill our nation’s most democratic institution, the public schools. Onward ardently all!

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