One thought on “Lots of State Legislatures Are Launching New or Expanding Older School Voucher Programs

  1. I highly respect Derek Black and found his book outstanding, but his statement by itself almost sounds naive. After three decades of this privatization movement, state legislatures, especially Republican-controlled, are not going to add that caveat to their charter schools and voucher bills, In fact, I would propose that the reason Republicans are so hell-bent on supporting this movement is to diminish our younger generation’s understanding and appreciation for the idea of learning democratic values regarding respect for the rule of law and science, equality of all people, understanding the principles of the Constitution, etc. etc. etc. Political scientists much smarter than I am have pointed out that today’s Republican leaders are skeptical of democracy itself. As Hacker and Pierson report in their book, Let Them Eat Tweets, “They shade from anti-Democratic strategies into anti-democratic strategies in part because democracy itself is a threat to plutocratic resources and power.”
    Follow the money is a catchphrase made popular in the 1976 film All the Presidents’ Men, which points out that political corruption can usually be identified by examining money exchanges between two parties. I submit that following the money from state coffers, ie. taxpayer dollars, to private schools via charters, virtuals, and vouchers, is another form of political corruption.
    The last thing today’s Republican Party wants is an educated populace understanding their role in preserving our democratic republic. They would prefer our children spend their childhood in schools where they learn to be obedient unto authority figures, climate change is a secular hoax, God made the white race superior to all others, etc. etc. etc.
    The destruction of public schools will make it that much easier for the destruction of our democratic republic. Besides, it will save the wealthy and powerful a great deal of money when our public schools have to close due to financial starvation.

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