7 thoughts on “How a Marketplace, Consumerist Mentality Threatens Core Institutions and Harms Our Society

  1. Jan,

    A much needed piece, beautifully done. I feel that Barber is a agreat source for those of us who don’t feel adequate as political theorists. I am growing in the sense that the current issue of public education is uncovering the need for the discussion of a much deeper issue.

    From reading your sharing and from my own observations, I sense that in their purest forms, democracy and capitalism are not compatible. Nowhere is the clash of systems clearer that in discussions of social contracts and the common good. As it has evolved (and as it continues to evolve), capitalism seems to be better at developing consumerism than conscience.

    While I suspect political theorists would be/are more comfortable discussing bottom line, capital growth, etc. than the exploration of concepts such as moral compass and common good, I wonder what would happen if we acknowledged that for the vast (and growing) majority, the current balance between consumerism and conscience isn’t working.

    Thanks for sharing this Jan. Another great piece… especially for a “non political theorist.” 😘

    Rich Ten Eyck 609.661.9320


    We both may be victimized by the worst AutoCorrect system on the Planet Hopefully the corrections that I miss are more humorous than troubling. Disclaimer #2: I realize that I may be one of the worst proofreaders on the planet. I can’t bring myself to continue to impose on my wife to wade through my email ramblings. So, as with the joys of auto-correct, I hope my errors are more humorous than confusing.


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