Ohio’s Notorious E-Charters Evade Regulation: ECOT Saga Drags On and On and On

Ohio’s biggest charter school, the notorious e-school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT), held a big rally in Columbus early this week. Rick Teeters, ECOT’s superintendent, told all the school’s teachers and students to show up, even though the rally happened in the middle of the school day. Maybe everybody was expected to go home […]

Powerful ECOT Blocks Crackdown on Inflated Attendance Reports from Several Ohio Online Schools

For years and years, Ohio has negligently failed to demand that online charter schools submit accurate attendance records. In the meantime the state has kept on paying the schools for the students they claim to serve. While the state has continued to say it would crack down, oversight has been blocked by power and money. […]

EXTRA: Retired Ohio School Superintendent Describes the Scandalous Operation of ECOT

Bill Phillis, Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding, interviews Keith Richards, retired school superintendent of several Ohio school districts over a 40 year career. In this series of youtube videos, Mr. Richards describes his experience with the unscrupulous, online charter school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, known in […]

ECOT Tries to Hold On to Over $60 Million in Tax Dollars It Collected for Phantom Students

The Ohio legislature is in the midst of its lame duck session—the opportunity for lawmakers to do something about the outrageous scam at the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT).  And today, according to Plunderbund, Senate Bill 3, an omnibus education law with 29 amendments is to be introduced in the House Education Committee. A big […]

Ohio Judge Denies ECOT an Injunction to Prevent State’s Search for Phantom Students

On Friday afternoon, Ohio was granted the possibility that perhaps someday it can recover some of the hundreds of millions of dollars in years’ of over-payments to the notorious Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT). The Ohio Department of Education won a preliminary court victory on Friday, but in the context of state politics, for-profit educational […]

Ohio’s Notorious ECOT Tries to Make Its Case In Court

Attorneys for the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio’s largest and most notorious online charter school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, have been in court all this week tussling, as the Columbus Dispatch‘s Jim Siegel explains, “over ECOT’s lawsuit to block the state from using new attendance standards to impact funding….”  “As the state’s biggest […]

Notorious Online ECOT Airs Melodramatic Ads but Finally Gives Up Data to State of Ohio

The Associated Press reports on developments in the long-running saga of Ohio’s notorious Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT): “Ohio’s largest online charter school has taken a dispute with state education officials over access to attendance records to the courts and the airwaves, raising questions among critics over the use of taxpayer funds to fight state […]

Ohio Pays Millions While Students at ECOT Average Only an Hour a Day at Online School

Jim Siegel reported yesterday for the Columbus Dispatch that despite Judge Stephen McIntosh’s refusal to grant the restraining order demanded by the state’s largest online charter school to prevent a state audit of its attendance records, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) continues to refuse to share its records openly with the state’s investigators: “Despite […]

ECOT Lawsuit Fails to Block Attendance Audit to Identify Phantom Students

Everybody has suspected that Ohio’s Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, Ohio’s biggest charter school and one of the nation’s largest fully online charter schools, has been collecting tens of millions of tax dollars for years for educating phantom students. Yesterday ECOT lost in its attempt to block an Ohio Department of Education audit to confirm that it […]

Ohio’s ECOT Charter School Files Lawsuit to Block Attendance Audit and Protect Profits

Lawyers for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, Ohio’s largest charter school and one of the nation’s largest e-schools, has employed a new tactic to protect the school’s collection of tax dollars for phantom students. Jim Siegel and Catherine Candisky of The Columbus Dispatch report that ECOT has filed a lawsuit to block an attendance audit […]