Senate Deletes Fair School Funding Plan. FY22-23 Ohio Budget Moves to Conference Committee

The Ohio Senate Finance Committee passed its version of the state’s FY 2022-2023 state budget late Tuesday.  On Wednesday the bill moved to the Senate floor where it passed by a vote of 25 to 8, along party lines. Debate will now move to a House-Senate conference committee. This blog will take a one week […]

Will Ohio Senate Undermine Fair School Funding Plan By Burying Changes in Fine Print of the State Budget?

The Ohio House of Representatives is, thankfully, being persistent in trying to pass a new, adequate, and equitable public school funding formula. Ohio educators and parents will remember that on December 2 of last year, the Ohio House passed the Cupp-Patterson Fair School Funding Plan by an overwhelming margin of 87-9, but the bill died […]

Why the New “Fair School Funding Plan” Matters for One Ohio School District: Will the Ohio Senate Let It Die?

In Ohio, the state senate is refusing even to consider a new school funding plan, developed over a period of several years to replace the old school funding system that has become progressively unworkable over the past decade.  Last Thursday, the Ohio House of Representatives passed the proposed new plan by a huge margin: 84-8.  […]

Appreciating the Public Schools We Take for Granted

This week is American Education Week and next week will be Thanksgiving. In this context, I have been thinking about the challenge of valuing an institution we tend to overlook. Here are a few of my thoughts and some from wiser thinkers who have considered the importance of our nation’s system of public schooling. This […]

Kentucky Judge Finds New School Voucher Program Unconstitutional

Here is some encouraging news at a time when legislators have been actively introducing a wave of legislation across the states to launch or expand all kinds of publicly funded private school tuition vouchers—regular old vouchers, tuition tax credit vouchers, and education savings account vouchers. A judge in Kentucky just found a new tuition tax […]

With the Ohio Legislature, Even When You Win, You Lose

In the new state budget, the Ohio Legislature supposedly fixed an inequitable and troubling scheme for funding the state’s extensive private school vouchers. In recent years, through something called “school district deduction funding,” the state has counted each voucher student as though he or she attended the public schools in the district where the voucher […]

New Plan Tucked into Ohio Budget Creates a Path Out of State Takeover for Youngstown, Lorain and East Cleveland School Districts

Jeff Bryant introduces a special, back-to-school issue of The Progressive with a commentary, The End of School Reform.  Bryant’s piece narrates the quiet death of long running policies across the nation’s school districts, programs that were central to corporate, standardized test-based school accountability and the idea that punitive school turnaround plans would quickly raise overall […]

The Same People Now Trying to Undermine Democratic Elections Have Been Trying for 30 Years to Privatize Public Schools

The players are the very same. For decades they’ve been coming for our public schools. Now they are coming for the democratic process itself by trying to undermine fair elections. Jane Mayer’s article in the July 9, 2021 New Yorker, The Big Money Behind the Big Lie, begins: “Trump’s attacks on democracy are being promoted […]

What the New Ohio Budget and School Funding Plan Will Mean for Public Schools

The FY 2022-2023 Ohio budget is different than most biennial state budgets because folded into it is a new public school funding formula, developed over more than three years and adopted previously by the Ohio House but never enacted by the Ohio Senate.  For those of you who worry about how public schools will fare […]

Ohio’s New Budget Helps Public Schools and Expands Privatization All at Once

Ohio’s 1.7 million students enrolled in public schools; their parents, teachers, principals, and school superintendents; and the citizens who pay local property taxes all owe a debt of gratitude to Robert Cupp. Formerly a state senator and an elected justice on the Ohio Supreme Court, and currently the Speaker of the Ohio House, Cupp and […]