Senate Deletes Fair School Funding Plan. FY22-23 Ohio Budget Moves to Conference Committee

The Ohio Senate Finance Committee passed its version of the state’s FY 2022-2023 state budget late Tuesday.  On Wednesday the bill moved to the Senate floor where it passed by a vote of 25 to 8, along party lines. Debate will now move to a House-Senate conference committee. This blog will take a one week […]

Will Ohio Senate Undermine Fair School Funding Plan By Burying Changes in Fine Print of the State Budget?

The Ohio House of Representatives is, thankfully, being persistent in trying to pass a new, adequate, and equitable public school funding formula. Ohio educators and parents will remember that on December 2 of last year, the Ohio House passed the Cupp-Patterson Fair School Funding Plan by an overwhelming margin of 87-9, but the bill died […]

Why the New “Fair School Funding Plan” Matters for One Ohio School District: Will the Ohio Senate Let It Die?

In Ohio, the state senate is refusing even to consider a new school funding plan, developed over a period of several years to replace the old school funding system that has become progressively unworkable over the past decade.  Last Thursday, the Ohio House of Representatives passed the proposed new plan by a huge margin: 84-8.  […]

Outrageous Ohio Republican Gerrymandering and the Consequences for Our Public Schools

In State Legislatures are Torching Democracy, which appears in this week’s New Yorker Magazine, Jane Mayer examines what is happening in my state, Ohio, as an exemplar of what’s gone wrong in American politics. Mayer recounts an interview with David Niven, a political science professor from the University of Cincinnati, who, “told me that, according […]

Ohio Public Education Partners & Northeast Ohio Friends of Public Education Join Heights Coalition in Submitting Voucher Case Amicus Brief

On July 1, 2022, the Heights Coalition for Public Education—in collaboration with co-amici, Ohio Public Education Partners and the Northeast Ohio Friends of Public Education—filed an amicus brief in Franklin County Common Pleas Court to support plaintiffs in the Vouchers Hurt Ohio lawsuit. The amicus brief asks the court not to dismiss the Vouchers Hurt […]

School Funding Inequity and Overreliance on Local Property Taxes Have Their Roots in the Jim Crow South

In a powerful new article, Legacy of Jim Crow Still Affects Funding for Public Schools, constitutional law professor, Derek Black and Axton Crolley expose the largely unexamined racist past of the kind of school funding inequity we observe today across many of the fifty states. Derek Black’s Schoolhouse Burning is the best and most complex […]

On 25th Anniversary of Ohio’s “DeRolph” Decision, Expansion of Vouchers Has Only Exacerbated School Funding Inadequacy and Inequity

Today is the 25th anniversary of the original Ohio Supreme Court decision in DeRolph v. Ohio. A quarter of a century ago, the Court declared Ohio’s method of school funding unconstitutional because state dollars were inadequate and inequitably distributed. The case was brought back to the Ohio Supreme Court and upheld three more times, but […]

Five Reasons Why the Lawsuit Filed by Over 100 School Districts to End Ohio’s EdChoice Vouchers Is So Urgently Important

As I listened to a webinar last week about the Vouchers Hurt Ohio lawsuit filed by more than 100 school districts to demand that the court finds our state’s EdChoice Voucher program unconstitutional under the Ohio Constitution, I challenged myself to name five succinct reasons this lawsuit is so urgently important.  Here is my five […]