Master “The Gates Paradox” as Derived by the Gifted Adam Besse

Even if, like me, you are from the wrong generation and you missed The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you will want to read Adam Bessie’s wonderful new piece at

You’ll learn about the Gates Paradox: “the power of your voice in the ‘education reform’ debate is proportional to the distance from the classroom (and your proximity to Silicon Valley) multiplied by the amount of money you earn.  Of course, each additional media outlet owned increases the influence by a factor of ten.”

According to Besse, however, “Greed… isn’t sufficient by itself to explain the zeal with which the Tech Titans pursue the reform agenda.”  We must also review Taylorism and the reformers’ faith in the Gospel of Efficiency and the Church of Progress.

Besse has penned quite a critique.  Enjoy!